Suggestions for a home server based on Manjaro

I am thinking of starting a project based on Manjaro ARM for a home server that can be relatively easy to setup and I would like your thoughts and suggestions about features and web applications that should be available in such a setup. So here is a poll of my initial features for you to vote on and I would love to hear more ideas.

  • Wireguard VPN
  • Nextcloud
  • TimeShift Backup
  • Apache Guacamole
  • 2FA Access
  • HTTPS (certbot) - Dynamic DNS Services
  • Create a guide for each Official Manjaro edition to use the home server
  • Android Guide
  • iOS Guide

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Manjaro mirror


I am waiting for my nasbox from fa nanopi, so I can start testing nextcloud on it,
Installing nextcloud waa quite easy on arm but adding smb support doesn't have a ui, also user and group for smb access is not present in nextcloud.

If we can package nextcloudpi for manajro then it will be amazing to have nextcloudpi which can help users with a ui to control their nasbox and also jave nextcloud.

Https certbot and ddyns wont be a big task but documentation will help normal users to make use of manjaro.

Thanks for this initiative @frpenguin
I am in for testing if needed.


Thanks @spikerguy. Next month I am bying a RockPro64, a RPi4 and a 2,5 HDD to start testing. NextcloudPi is exactly what I was thinking.

The "big idea" would be to have a button on Manjaro Hello that says "Connect to Manjaro Home Server" and a flow begins from there.

I 'll reply here with a high level project plan.


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