Suggestion: SAMBA (and or NFS) shares and plugins EASY by default

I use to switch people to Manjaro.

And they use to like having some of their folders shared over Samba (or NFS or over the net)

Every time I have to Install the Thunar share Plugin

And go to the arch wiki to make those step by step console commands:

sudo pacman -S thunar-shares-plugin-manjaro
mkdir -p /var/lib/samba/usershare
groupadd -r sambashare (it is already done, but better be sure)
sudo chown root:sambashare /var/lib/samba/usershare
sudo chmod 1770 /var/lib/samba/usershare

sudo mousepad /etc/samba/smb.conf
Add to [global]:
usershare path = /var/lib/samba/usershare
usershare max shares = 100
usershare allow guests = yes
usershare owner only = yes

sudo gpasswd sambashare -a USERNAME

systemctl enable smbd nmbd
systemctl start smbd nmbd

It is not a hard work, but if it where so easy that all of it would come pre installed and configured as default It would make MAnjaro even EASIER to use.
And, last but not least to make my point: Who does not share folders with their Android or other devices?


Me I don’t. Samba is a security risk in my mind.
I allow NO remote access to my machines, internally or externally.
I’d rather use a usb hard drive, usb cable to my phone, tablet, etc., or just use the sd card from each device.


I support this suggestion, despite it’s not a hard work to type some commands, it would be a good idea do this feature easy to set.

Cheers!! :grinning:

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I’m not sure this would be that easy to do globally (during installation or add user) for each user on the system.
NOTE: that the sudo pacman -S thunar-shares-plugin-manjaro is only meant for thunar and is an older package. For a newer and more generic global package, try the manjaro-settings-samba package by Stefano (ste74), this one is based on the package I had originally created for Netrunner Rolling, and uses a different authentication system based on pam and unix passwords.

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Well, I’m just a regular user so I prefer use GUI interfaces. Obviously, I don’t have problems to use the command line if it’s needed.

I used Ubuntu for many years and I liked how the distro does this: You simply right click on the folder you want to share. Only the first time the system offers you to install some extra packages to set the feature, after the system tells you to logout and login on to your session. And that’s all.

However, on Manjaro I have to install thunar-shares-plugin and follow the wiki to finally set my shared folders. Mostly it works at the first try but sometimes not, so I’ve to figure out what’s failing. That’s why I think that set the shared folders should be easy to config. Just my two cents…

I use to access them from Android devices.


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That wasn’t the full point of my comment. The thunar-shares-plugin-manjaro package is quite old and made prior to samba changing it’s default client protocol, that is unless someone has updated this to reflect my changes as well.

Note: I’ll do some testing on the Netrunner Rolling side to see if this can be accomplished successfully.

I apologize if I don’t understand you well, English it’s not my language… :grin:

If I understand correctly you suggest to use manjaro-settings-samba rather than thunar-shares-plugin, isn’t it?

I’m looking into it, from what I can they changed thunar-shares-plugin-manjaro to depend on manjaro-samba-share, but i don’t know if this is in stable yet or not. I also think this could be simplified more.

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And this could be a good idea?

This could config shared folders independently from the desktop environment.


If you want to track my progress I’m beginning this work here:


Of course yes!! :grin::grin:

When I’m done, you may still need to add “new” users to the sambashare group manually, I’m not sure atm, but it is what it is.

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For anyone willing to try it out:

Make sure you remove Manjaro’s first.
If needed I can add a conflicts and provides for manjaro-samba-share if there is an issue using thunar-shares-plugin-manjaro. I’d be more interested in if this works with other sharing plugins for Dolphin (kdenetwork-filesharing), nautilus, nemo, etc. as well.

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Has anyone tested this yet?
My testbed is limited to only three systems:
Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro + Plasma5)
NulogicOS (Manjaro + custom built Enlightenment)
Arch proper (custom built Enlightenment)
I’d like to know others results?

Good idea but how about security?
I don’t really want any network servers started OOTB on a fresh install…
So yeah it can be included but disabled by default.

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Security is built in, allows you to browse samba (windows) shares, but only users on the system are allowed to create shares. NFS already worked out of the box, this is why I always enable the firewall on my systems first thing.

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Ah sorry my comment was a reply to the first post.

That’s cool, next time just hit reply at the bottom of the post your replying to itself, and not the general reply button at the bottom of the thread. This way it adds a back to original post link in your reply.

With that said, I still need testers for my package…

Ja0jarajar you are my hero. Following your steps proved easier for me than the wiki and you have for me past a week-long roadblock. Thank you!!!

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Update: I missed an important setting

Please try the new package:

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