Suggestion: Pin certain guides to installing apps


I want to suggesst that a thread be made and pinned containing guides to installing apps that can’t be installed via pacman. For example in order to install spotify I had to use the snap method listed here and in order to install discord I had to use the “one-liner” written in the second post here How to install Discord

Sorry if I put this in the wrong area of the forums.


It would seem to me that this list would be endless, and would require updating regularly. In concept this might be a good idea, but in practice it just doesn’t seem possible to maintain and update this kind of list. I believe there are close to 50,000 packages in the AUR alone.


Yeah I should’ve specified I only meant it for popular mainstream apps. Honestly I’m surprised the two apps I mentioned aren’t in the pacman system.


Spotify semi-official client is available on AUR now.
I usually check Archwiki for installing specific software packages. It updates more often than Manjaro wiki and usually works on Manjaro.


Yeah I guess it does do a good job of telling you what the dependencies are for a given package although I wish there was an aur command to download dependencies automattically. The Manjaro wiki definitely has pros in my opinion over arch. For example aside from feeling easier to navigate it’s more direct telling you how to install access to the aur. Archwiki just says type pacman -S base-devel whereas Manjaro wiki says pacman -S base-devel yay


There’s a reason for this. The license.
The licenses of Spotify and Discord states that it can not be redistributed. You have to get it from the developer.
Spotify maintains the Snap themselves, so that’s directly from the developer.
Discord AUR package downloads the .deb from the Discord server, which is maintained by the developer.


OK - nothing stopping you from doing that.

That would appear to be an arbitrary set of applications.

Installing applications is covered by the User Guide and the Manjaro wiki already, as well as the Arch wiki.

If someone can’t find out how to install an application then they aren’t going to read a thread on the forum.


That’s odd that their licenses don’t permit redistribution of their software even if it remains closed source. (odd especially given their business models) When I first read this it made me think that the only software allowed on the pacman repos is that which is open source. (is that true?)

Ok will do.

I wish we could have a conversation about this because I’m not quite sure what you mean. Most mainstream software still hasn’t been ported to Linux (not including wine I mean natively) and therefore there are open source alternatives to it.

I don’t really agree with this for two reasons.

  1. Technically the solution I found to installing discord was on the forums here.
  2. I’ve seen similar things to what I’m suggesting done on the Linux Mint forums.

Edit after thinking about what I said about Mint I started realizing that unlike Mint Manjaro has a wiki. Is there a way I can make a page in the wiki or do I have to rise further in the ranks of the forum first?


Take a look here:


There is also some nonfree proprietary software, which don’t have redistribution issues and a couple of proprietary programs for which redisribution has been granted


That’s what I thought. I’m surprised then that discord and spotify don’t give those rights particularly since their business models aren’t based of software key like adobe stuff.


Thanks for the info. Will do.