Suggestion: Forum Theme switcher on top or bottom of pages

Apologies if this has been mentioned before but I didn’t find anything.

It would be a great idea in my opinion if a control could be added somewhere in Forum pages so that one could easily switch between Light and Dark themes without having to go through the user preferences. I prefer this new Dark Theme but during the day, when the sun is on the monitors, it is often very difficult to read the page content, so sometimes need to switch to the original.

Would this be possible on this Forum? I know it can be done on VBulletin and probably phpBB. :smile_cat:

Cheers! :beers:


Does this URL work?

Apart from being a moderator here, I am also an administrator at three vBulletin-powered forums, and have in the past also been an administrator at a phpBB-powered forum. But this here is Discourse, and that’s an entirely different beast. :wink:

Discourse supports a theme toggle and automatic theme switching:

@codesardine :point_up:

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I’m not entirely against it …


I find it pretty darn unnecessary - and given that every bit of plugin/addon/software/etc that we add to our server is technically load and technically bloat … I cant seem to actually justify the cost for the ‘need’.


Once there is a better theme, and the code is proper for both light and dark, and the automatic switching will have no visual inconsistencies between the two, we might consider it, but we have to discuss it first.

Now i’m working to a proper way to make use also of other color-schemes, light and dark.
@papajoke has gave so far a great amount of support from his time, to get a couple of things in better shape.