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Using this guide here: How to change desktop layout in cinnamon It is possible to group windows on the panel just like it is in the new panel layout of Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.

What I am missing is that active windows or better said opened programmes are highlighted, if you put more programmes into the taskbar.
See this screenshot: Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202019-01-04%2019-00-09

Would it be possible to implement this? @oberon?



From what I’ve seen, this is a theme problem, more precisely the theme used for Cinnamon panel.

If I use Adapta Nokto Maia for Cinnamon panel, there’s simply no highlight at all.

But if I use the basic Cinnamon theme instead, it works perfectly fine.

So it seems to be more a bug that comes from the Adapta theme than a bug or a misconfiguration of the applet itself. And since the original author doesn’t maintain Adapta anymore (and it seems no one has forked the project and continue to maintain it as far as I know), I don’t expect it to be fixed anytime soon.

To implement what you asked, it’s more a matter of shipping Manjaro Cinnamon with a theme on which highlight works correctly. The question is, what theme should Manjaro Cinnamon comes with?


Yes, you are completely right.

Also works with the old standard theme vertex-maia of Manjaro cinnamon i.e, just tried.

Works for me with Adapta-Maia Theme and Adapta-Nokto for cinnamon panel. There you can see grey hightlights under the icons when the programme’s open :slight_smile:



From your screenshot, I see that you use Adapta-Nokto and not Adapta-Nokto-Maia (which is the one I use) for Cinnamon panel. Does it come from the adapta-gtk-theme package?

If so, then it’s not exactly the same, the Adapta theme shipped with adapta-gtk-theme is in, which was pretty much the lastest version from upstream before the maintainer reverted to 3.94 and dropped the project completely (IIRC, 3.95 was hightly criticized among the community). Maybe 3.95 just worked fine with GWL.

And for other themes, Matcha, Materia and Arc also works fine with GWL (you have the highlight), but IMO none of them looks really great with the classic window list though (they all looks a bit off compared to Adapta). Yes, I know you can configure GWL so it works similarly the old school way, but it would be great to have a theme that works correctly for both.


Yes, you’re right again ;). Changed the OP


Hey seantum,

smurphos has already taken care of this problem.
He maintains an updated version of Adpata on cinnamon spices.
This version is fully compatible with Cinnamon 4.x.
Unfortunately it is not officially packaged. :wave:

Take a look at my panel:



Yeah, I have the same. It’s sufficent for me. Though the grey is a bit too dark to see on a dark panel