Suggestion for gaming: add new emulators to our repos (and update existent ones)

I would ask if you could improve the game emulation experience in Manjaro:

pcsxr is an Arch package, report there:

There is fact the Multilib repository for the 32 bit applications on 64 bit systems, as said in other discussions the Multilib repository will not be deleted in the future.

Why do think that?

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If these don’t already have AUR packages it’s worth filing an AUR package request so the whole Arch community will benefit: . If noone there is willing to maintain a package then someone here might.

However, these appear to already exist:


If I didn’t found a package that I wanted in Arch, what I would do is packaging it myself into the AUR. It’s simple and straightforward.

Later, after some user feedback, I could ask to include it into the official Arch.

Hi I have not tried 3DS yet but RPCS3 M64Py Dolphin Lutris and Steam are working well on my PC, the only thing was setting two players up in some. If it helps, two makes of controls is the easy fix, dur me.
It would be good to use two or more of the same controls though. Dolphin bar on order for Wii remotes, they work but had no sensor bar. 3DS next then....

I think that citra could be added.
Because the official github version don't work propely on Arch (and Arch based)

[salome@salome ~]$ citra-qt
bash: citra-qt: comando non trovato
[salome@salome ~]$ '/home/salome/.citra-emu/nightly/citra-qt' 
/home/salome/.citra-emu/nightly/citra-qt: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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