Suggestion for an application that prevents laptop to sleep



There is an app for macOS I’m using since ages called insomnia.

It basically sits in a tray and allows you to block idle sleep mode by a click. Very useful if you, for example, try to download something big and you’re not doing anything actively on a laptop in the mean time.

Does anyone using anything like that on Linux? Would be awesome if it supports KDE as well.


You can uncheck “suspend session” in the power manager applet’s settings in the system tray.


This should be possible without extra software - depending on how exactly you want it to function.
But for a drop-in replacement of what you are used to, you are probably looking for 'caffeine-ng’

pacaur -S caffeine-ng


I guess, when you right click on the battery icon and uncheck power saving (I dont remember the exact name, it is either something similar or called presentation mode) it will prevent from from screen going blank or sleep.

otherwise I would second caffeine-ng

but if you want to prevent sleeping but still allowing screen go blank, you will probably need to play with power manager settings in KDE system settings


In KDE, besides power management, uncheck screen locking in Desktop Behaviour at system settings. In other DE’s, there’s also no need for other software. Set command in autostart or bash if DE does not have settings for it.


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