Suggestion alternative to ( I like this post )


I was thinking :thinking: we have the nice heart shaped like button!

Could we have the opposite, sometimes I see posts that are not worthy of an answer and as such i usually don’t give one, but i have spend my time reading it when I could be reading something else interesting, I would like to see a button I could click that says ( this post is rotten tomatoes :tomato::tomato::tomato: ).


I think this is also ok :wink:

:poop: :-1::fu:

maybe more :wink: inside


There is nothing wrong with those tomatoes, they look perfectly fine. :rofl:


There is an egyptian hieroglyph d053 (U+130BA). I wont post you may search. :roll_eyes:


Uhhh… no offense, but I’m gonna recommend that image not be the one used :open_mouth:.

Although I admit it would be fittingly used for a recent newbie poster or two. :grin:


I cannot be anything offensive, but now that i think about it from now on i can just :tomato: instead of down voting.


I think there was a similar topic last year…basically someone wanted the ability to mark someone as “difficult to help”. i.e. a person who would not follow instructions, kept bringing up new things, or not giving you the information you needed to help.

While this would be nice, it’s all fairly negative, and I’d worry about introducing that into the community which is suppose to be positive and helping… :slight_smile:


I actually did not think about it that way, what you say makes sense, but on the other hand I would expect to be spoken to with respect, is so easy to type something in the text box and not thinking about it anymore, but when face to face with people most would think twice about what are they going to say, the community is indeed very patient and forgiven.



Right, glad you found it . Pretty sharp Kekistanian… :clap:
I do hope there was no offence?
None was meant, :brother:

Seams the issue is solved with :tomato: :arrow_up: