Suggest an Internet Usage Monitor for Manjaro

Is there any way/app to know how much Data have my Manjaro device sent and received after installation till now?

Or, an Internet usage monitor app like this may also be helpful. (Though I am more interested in the aforementioned functionality.)

If you need a more complex monitoring tool, see here Category:Network monitoring - ArchWiki

Otherwise you probably can test one of the Plasma 5 Monitoring - KDE Store widgets.

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Hello @a_0vi :wink:

If you need something simple on the terminal, then use vnstat. It is running in the background and is extremely lightweight.

Install it:

pamac install vnstat

and enable the service:

sudo systemctl enable --now vnstat.service

Now it will start saving rx (download) and tx (upload) data.
For example: vnstat --months for monthly.

vnstat --help

You can also say which device:

vnstat --months --iface eth0

It looks like this:

$ vnstat --months --iface eth0

 eth0  /  monthly

        month        rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
       2020-12    159,34 GiB |    2,13 TiB |    2,29 TiB |    7,52 Mbit/s
       2021-01    314,65 GiB |    8,00 TiB |    8,30 TiB |   27,27 Mbit/s
       2021-02    289,84 GiB |    7,32 TiB |    7,60 TiB |   27,64 Mbit/s
       2021-03    335,95 GiB |    9,14 TiB |    9,47 TiB |   31,10 Mbit/s
       2021-04    289,95 GiB |    6,60 TiB |    6,88 TiB |   23,36 Mbit/s
       2021-05    276,91 GiB |    5,45 TiB |    5,72 TiB |   18,80 Mbit/s
       2021-06    187,68 GiB |    3,91 TiB |    4,09 TiB |   21,05 Mbit/s
     estimated    284,43 GiB |    5,93 TiB |    6,20 TiB |

i got something like this

[ovi@system ~]$ pamac install vnstat
Nothing to do.
Transaction successfully finished.
[ovi@system ~]$ sudo systemctl enable --now vnstatd.service
Failed to enable unit: Unit file vnstatd.service does not exist.

thank you.

and with pacman -S vnstat?

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Sorry, it is:

sudo systemctl enable --now vnstat.service

(without a “d”)

i got

error: failed retrieving file 'vnstat-2.6-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst' from : The requested URL returned error: 404

with different mirrors.
same happened with yay

now it worked.
but as I installed it recently, so it may not have access to the previous data. Thus showing this

[ovi@system ~]$ vnstat --months --iface wlp1s0
 wlp1s0: Not enough data available yet.
[ovi@system ~]$ vnstat --days --iface wlp1s0
 wlp1s0: Not enough data available yet.
[ovi@system ~]$ vnstat --hours --iface wlp1s0
 wlp1s0: Not enough data available yet.

I think this will work for me. Thank you.
But , is there any way to know total usage from the start? I mean from the installation date of the OS and not the app/program itself?

No one (or no app) holds that data, so impossible.


that’s fair enough :sweat_smile:
thank you very much.

thanks everyone for your help.

When you have an issue with the package manager you can try to force a refresh of your mirror database and check for system updates:
sudo pacman -Syyu

you can also change the mirror you’re using for another one and refresh the database in the process (required when you change mirror in case of difference in the mirrors):
sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip && sudo pacman -Syyu

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that’s handy. Thank you very much.

Also a quick google gave me this Top 5 open source network monitoring tools |
Simply search “Linux free network monitoring tool” for more.


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