Sudo password not accepted

If i try to do something that requires “sudo” user, it says my password is incorrect.
I checked, its not a hardware issue, i can login with the same pass. Sometimes it works sometimes its not.

Probably it happens when i mistype the password it blocks for x time.

I dont know where did i started, i havent really used sudo user a while

That’s normal. You usually get three attempts. :wink:

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But after one mistype im blocked.

That is possible too. I depends on the PAM settings.

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And can i change that to 3 attempts?

Technically, yes. But PAM is a rather complicated subsystem to deal with.

This here is for Debian-based distributions, but it should give you an idea… :arrow_down:

And this one’s for CentOS… :arrow_down:

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Three attempts should be the default. I believe the setting is in


Edit: sorry, I think that may be for login