Sudo isn't asking for a password (gee. that must be new)

Sudo is not asking for my password.

I messed around with it when it originally refused my password. But failed to keep note as to what I did wrong. Relevant note is that I somewhere I removed the timeout

run visudo and comment out the line that controls “run commands as root/super user without prompting for a password”

## Same thing without a password

Unfortunately, I don’t think I was clear. It has to do with the timeout.

Googled sudo password timeout and second result is probably what you’re looking for.

timestamp_timeout (man 5 sudoers)
Number of minutes that can elapse before sudo will ask for a passwd again. The timeout may include a fractional component if minute granularity is insufficient, for example 2.5. The default is 15. Set this to 0 to always prompt for a password. If set to a value less than 0 the user’s time stamp will not expire until the system is rebooted. This can be used to allow users to create or delete their own time stamps via “sudo -v” and “sudo -k” respectively.


Wasn’t this topic resolved already? Closing before the dead come back to life :slightly_smiling_face: