"sudo" command is saying my password is wrong when it isn't

Hello everybody.
In the terminal, when I type sudo pacman -Syu or any command involving sudo it says it’s wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s correct. And occasionally when I restart my computer, it sometimes accepts the password that once said wrong

However, the password of su is accepted, only my password (of the normal user, I think it’s like this) is the one that says it’s wrong.
How do I solve it??


As a root, I did

# faillock --user $my_user_name

And it came

faillock: No user name supplied.
Usage: faillock [--dir /path/to/tally-directory] [--user username] [--reset]

Then I tried
# faillock --user $my_user_name --reset
But it did nothing, just came back to root user

You’re supposed to replace $my_user_name with your actual user name.

yes, I did it # faillock --user $antojaro and then # faillock --user $antojaro --reset

And I rebooted de laptop, to see if something change, but the problem keeps.

the username alone.

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… or you use $USER instead.


You but not as root I guess?

Even after su, $USER remains the same.


Ok, now I get it.
faillock --user antojaro

When                Type  Source                                           Valid
2021-07-27 21:31:02 TTY                                                        V
2021-07-27 21:31:02 TTY                                                        V
2021-07-27 21:31:04 TTY                                                        V

Then I type
faillock --user antojaro --reset
And it back to root user, so I exit to login at normal user. I test again sudo pacman -Syu and its works. Thank u.

Its weird.
I’m sorry again, just a little while ago, the error “sudo password is wrong” came again when I typed in the terminal sudo pacman -Syu chromium , and to be able to use it again I had to repeat the same faillock process .

Don’t you have a way to make it permanent, without having to access “su” all the time?

Not if you su -.

You are right, it’s worth to understand the difference, described for example here:


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The reason could be this, first i logged with su only, and not with su - .
But with the booth, the problem still remain. (Or I gonna need reboot the machine???)
(sorry for my language, I’m a portuguese speaker)

Try again and reboot directly afterwards. Is $USER in wheel group?

I’m a newbie honestly, this $USER in wheel group I don’t know what it is.

Just enter


and you know.

Please, start using to search for answers in the web, certain info are really easy to find, especially in Manjaro or Arch wiki:


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sys network power lp wheel autologin antojaro

Ok, thanks, I will do that. (But I search before, and didn´t find a solution, just now)