Suddenly can no longer log in

I’ve been using Manjaro for about a year now, and suddenly this morning after having the computer off overnight and booting, my login password no longer works. After 3 attempts it says its locked and I can’t get in my computer at all anymore.
What in the world could cause this?
I certainly haven’t changed anything. This is crazy

boot up to the login-screen, change to a console with “CTRL-ALT-F3” and try to login at console. Can you login from there ? Please report.

I have a dual partition on the system, Windows on the other side which I haven’t used in a year. I don’t even know if I remember the login password on that side. Anyway I tried to boot there and now its stuck taking forever trying to install updates saying “We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Do not turn off your computer…”
geez. Why can’t I have a morning without heart attacks.

you have to boot manjaro up to the login screen and change at this point to console.

It can be lengthy, but … WAIT
For the Manjaro pasword issue, try getting into tty from the login screen as @Olli said, and try logging in there.

A message came up “Failed to start openvn service for server”.
When I try to log in there it says ‘Login incorrect’.

What about fallback options with the grub loader?
grub command line?

All right I’m in now.
The short answer is I spilled something on my keyboard this morning and one of the keys wasn’t working correctly.
Still that is crazy. I mean what can you do if something like this happens in the future, your password gets changed or you forget your password? I guess create a 2nd login account.

If your password is changed without your knowledge then something else is not quite right. :sunglasses:

Get a second keyboard - perhaps USB so you can still type when your original keyboard is damaged.

And then there is the chroot approach
(boot from a live usb drive, or simply put the disk into another computer)
to get into the system and set/reset passwords and do any other repair work.

If you have 2 Users:

  • root (only in konsole)
  • myname (in GUI, as admin with sudo)

with 2 separate passwords,
Whenever something bad happens, you can use one account (on konsole) to restore the other. That is all you need.

Most keyboards die because of beer, coffee or orange-juice

This entry is in addition to the above, and addresses the “3 attempts”.

By configuration, you get 3 attempts at getting the login password correct… See Lock out user after three failed login attempts.