Sudden time change. Does anybody else experience?


today I experienced something weird. I was listening to music and browsing, when the page I was logged in suddenly wanted to re-login. I paid no big attention, logged in again. Maybe some network/server error, I thought to myself. Then I opened new page and firefox complained, that there are issues with certificates, because of bad time on computer. Then I checked the time and found out it was 13.12.2023, that’s two years and one day from now. The computer suddenly changed date. Does anybody experienced this?

I’m using manjaro stable gnome. The automatic time setting was on. I had to set to manual & change the year. After set to automatic again, no issue was spotted until now.

@jojopara The problem was not that I can’t sync, but the automatic syncing set the date to future.

When viewing journalctl there was date “dec 12 16:01” then suddenly “dec 13 16:03” (but year 2023, but journalctl doesn’t log years). After changing the time from automatic to manual (setting year back to 2021) and then setting back to automatic, the date was fixed. See the journalctl output on gist: Suddenly timechange journal logs · GitHub