Sudden Freezes at the Desktop (KDE Plasma)

Notebook started freezing since before last weekly update. It will stop responding for like one minute, then resumes and everything I clicked/tried to launch while it was frozen fires up at once. Then it works for a moment, and freezes again.

CPU usage remains low all the time, no abnormal hard disk activity either. The computer just seems to freeze while being idle.

Any ideas how can I start to tackle this issue? Thanks a lot!

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I wouldn’t have actually replied if I didn’t see that you have the same CPU as I have (and same graphics card).

If it’s a recently fresh ISO install, it’s probably kernel 5.6. I’ve had the absolute same freeze problems, for minutes at a time, but on a fresh install - updating to kernel 5.7 and doing an auto driver update fixed the issue for me, at least for the moment.

You could try that if you haven’t, already.

Thanks for the comment. I’m running kernel 5.4. Downgraded from the ISO install due to other problems.

Will keep trying how to diagnose this. It’s pretty weird, it just freezes out without anything demading the processor or the SSD.

Update. It seems the freezes were somehow connected to a corrupted Timeshift snapshot (btrfs) database. I got the first hint when I saw a message saying " failed to unmount /run/timeshift/backup" (or something close to that) when trying to reboot the notebook.

Upon the next boot I ran “sudo timeshift --check”, which deleted some incomplete snapshots. From that point onwards I have not had freezes anymore. Only an hour passed since though. Will keep observing.

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Update. A few days working without any freezes now. So clearly the timeshift snapshot incompletion/corruption was the culprit here.

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