Suckless ST Launches with a different font

Hi all,

I just did a fresh Manjaro I3 install after using Arch for a while. One of the first things I did was install Iosevka nerd font from AUR and attempt to compile it into ST. When I launch ST, it displays a different font. If I launch ST from the command line with

st -f 'Iosevka:size=14:antialiasing=true:autohinting=true'

it works fine. the same font line compiled into ST doesn't seem to override some other default font. Any ideas on what could be overriding that? I've dug around .Xresources but maybe there's a fontconfig involved somewhere?

Thanks for any help

Hi. I guess that st application launcher runs some wrapping script which sets font for st. So look into /usr/share/applications for the launcher and browse it to learn what it runs.

Thanks for idea! I didn't know about that directory. Unfortunately there isn't a .desktop entry there for ST. There is a patch on the ST site that generates one, so maybe it's worth a try but it doesn't quite address why it launches with a different font without that.

How do you launch it? If you use a menu, there have to be launcher somewhere...


Maybe that wasn't successful?

I can't reproduce your issue on a fresh i3 installation. For me the mentioned font gets applied in st without any issue.

Are you sure you're editing the config.def.h file correctly before compiling and installing st?

Line 8 in that file should become similar to this:

static char *font = "Iosevka:size=14:antialiasing=true:autohinting=true";


static char *font = "Iosevka Nerd Font Mono:size=14:antialiasing=true:autohinting=true";

Thanks for the ideas! I am editing it correctly and the compilation is succeeding.
I'm launching via dmenu and also from an open terminal with the same results.
I've tried compiling (successfully) with both suggestions from bill_t, but seeing the same default font and size that manjaro set the default terminal to for i3. It is quite small so it's possible that the font is being respected but the size is not.

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