Stuck with Wine and 32 bit

Hi, I started my journey with Debian and moved on to Manjaro, so far loving it. I am stuck with an issue and need some help - please consider me a noob when you help me because I did work on this issue for a couple of days now.
I love to play IGI1, in windows its a exe you double click and start playing no install required.
In Debian I used wine - so I go to a terminal and type wine igi.exe and boom it starts playing.
In Manjaro, I have the same exe file installed wine but when I give wine igi.exe - I get this

0024:fixme:file:errno_to_status Converting errno 75 to STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
wine: failed to start L"Z:\home\cerulean\Downloads\PC\igi.exe"
Application could not be started, or no application associated with the specified file.
ShellExecuteEx failed: Bad EXE format for igi.exe.

I know you might say this is an issue with architecture 64 and 32 and yes my game is 32 and I have made changes -
grep ‘#arch’ ~/.wine/system.reg
gives #arch=win32 - I dont know where am I going wrong - any help would be great.