Stuck on splash screen

Ok ive been going at this for a day now and im going nowhere. Trying to install the latest version of xfce via usb. I am able to get the grub screen to show up but once i try to load into a live environment i am stuck on my motherboards splash screen for about a minute or two before it shows an error of " ‘/dev/disk/by-label/manjaro_xfce_2012’ device did not show up after 30 seconds." Keyboard also does not function so i cannot use the console. Flashed the latest iso file to multiple usbs multiple times, verified the checksums, flashed on different PC’s using both Rufus and etcher, with rufus i never got the option to use “DD” Like it said in the guide. There is no function on my motherboards bios/uefi to modify a safe boot setting. Its my first time trying to setup any kind of Linux OS. I read through and followed the user guide to get where i am. Hopefully i have done or rather haven’t done something very simple. Thanks fellas

Make sure you use a USB2 port and not a USB3. SATA should be set to AHCI. Also, if you have an Nvidia GPU, use the proprietary driver. Probably you have to disable also Legacy USB support.

Ive set all drives to be AHCI, and set it for UEFI only but i still get the same error. It also says “cant access tty:job control turned off” on the last line of the terminal

So what ISO have you downloaded exactly ?

this one Manjaro - XFCE
im not using the minimal one.