Stuck on Reached target graphical interface

I have a problem that is I guess pretty popular here, but after going though other threads, my issue remains unsolved. I’m using a Windows 10 system with Hyper-V to run Manjaro, but the installation progress always stops on “Stuck on Reached target graphical interface”

Please excuse my lack of copied print of exact’s terminal text. Ctrl shift C doesn’t seem to work and I cannot google a way around it.

My specs:
Windows 10
Intel Core i7-9750H CPU @ 2.6GHz
Intel UHD Graphics Family
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti
BIOS American Megatrens Inc. GU502GU.309, 24.04.2020

I’ve tried to hit E and on boot options replace “quiet” with “acpi_osi=!”, but didn’t really help.

I’ve turned off the integrated GPU, so I’m left only with dedicated one. After this, I was able to successfully run the command in the last comment in this thread:
[nvm_I_cannot_post_links] → I’ve ran the sudo mhwd --install pci video-nvidia command
But despite what author wrote:

Once that command runs it automatically boots me into the install media’s desktop and I’m able to use it like normal and install manjaro.
In my case, it didn’t boot me into the install media’s desktop, but I’m stuck on the terminal.

What is a bit weird is althrough with Intel GPU turned off in device menager, dxdiag shows only the integrated Intel GPU and not the dedicated GPU. No idea if that’s part of the issue.

If any other information would be needed to dig into this issue, please let me know.
I would be grateful for assitance

Perhaps you try to boot with the proprietary (Nvidia) drivers
and that is causing your issue?
You are booting/running Manjaro in a virtual machine (Hyper-V).

If Hyper-V is anything like Oracle VirtualBox or KVM/Qemu
the Nvidia Drivers will do you no good in a virtual machine where all the hardware is not real, but … virtualized.
Boot the installation iso with standard/free drivers.

Problem was resolved after turning off the Security in Hyper-V VM settings and starting off with Generation 2.
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