Stuck on OEM boot logo after install

I reboot after installation, my computer shows the manjaro boot options interface. I choose manjaro, but it shows me my computer logo instead of the manjaro loading animation and the login interface. please help me figure out it, appreciate…

  • two pieces of NVMe (nvme0 loaded Windows10, I installed manjaro in nvme0n1p3)

  • display card: hd630 + gtx1060m

  • I install succeed before, I re-install recently.

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typo, actually win10 installed in nvme0(one partition), manjaro installed in nvme1n1p3

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Please post your system info as outlined here:

If you’re not able to get to a terminal, the info can be obtained while booted from the live USB.


Thanks for the tips!

I’ve installed manjaro gnome minimal 21.0.7 and had no problem. Then, after a pacman -Syu I’ve had the same problem. For me, a (kinda) solution was to switch to tty2 when this happens (ctrl+alt+f2), then back (ctrl+alt+f1). After this, the login screen loads, but gnome does not load the themes. Currently don’t know the problematic package, because as I simply reverted to my timeshift snapshot before the update.

My GPU specs: Intel UHD 620 + Nvidia mx150

So, after some restarts the problem appeared in 21.0.7 as well, and after updating (again) it seems the not loading theme was a different problem. So after all, I can not add anything to the problem. Sorry

BUT the (kinda) solution still applies, using that seems to result in an otherwise problem-free system