Stuck on loading screen

I’'m using google translator and will try to explain as best i can.

Stuck on loading screen after installing latest Manjaro KDE. This message appears.

/dev/(sda name, system directory): clean, x…/x… files, x…/x… blocks

The system does not respond to anything. After the reboot, the message appeared temporarily and the login screen opened. I tried to enter the password or open the terminal, but the system freezes a few seconds later.

I don’t see anything to change from here, so i’ll try reinstalling Manjaro. Any guesses why this happened?

Formatted disks via livecd. The system is installed on SSD, the rest part of the SSD memory and all the HDD memory is for /home. Ext4 both. There are Intel integrated graphics and Nvidia discrete graphics.
i5-9300H, UHD Graphics 630, GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Mobile.