Stuck on "/dev/sdb1 ../.. files clean, ../.. blocks" after Updating

Good evening,

I’ve recently made some updates on my machine and after rebooting I were stuck with this screen:
(picture 1)

Luckily I could switch to the ttys and I tried to start the GUI manually (I’m using KDE Plasma) wich gave me this screen:
(picture 2)

Even after rebooting several times nothing changed. Also tried to uninstall xorg-server with its dependcies wich reset the /etc/X11/ Folder but it didn’t do anything different. Also tried to downgrade sddm but didn’t change anything.
Anybody got an Idea what the issue could be?

very likely you were using the 5.16 kernel… if you have installed different kernels, then select one of them in the grub menu…

Thanks man - you literally saved my ass. It works with the 5.15 kernel :3 Is there any chance that I can jump back to the 5.16 in the near future or is the easies solution to just stay with 5.15?

the 5.16 is no longer supported, so no you can jump back to it… first uninstall it from system settings/kernel, and if you wish you can install the 5.17.9-1 …

about EOL kernels :
you have to remove EOL kernels for any next update , because you stay on older modules for that version EOL

see this

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