Stuck on clean files blocks after removing non-important hard drive

I couldn’t find another topic like this, but the long story short, is I borrowed a 60 GB ssd from somebody else running Manjaro that was not necessary for the operating system. They wiped the drive from inside manjaro, then shut down the computer and pulled it out, and when it started back up, it was stuck on cleaning files and would not seem to move past. If anybody knows how to troubleshoot something like this I would really appreciate the help.

Update, it did after a while time out and put a message that a few directories were missing, is there any way to bypass this?

Clarify your situation.

Are you trying to boot from that drive (that they “wiped”)
or is it simply an additional drive
in your already existing setup?

if the latter:
Make sure you boot your system - not the one on the borrowed drive.
Then: finish the job - reformat the other drive
so that you can then go ahead and use it.

It sounds like you are trying to boot the borrowed drive - but the filesystem on it was left in an unclean state
and the automated filesystem check tried (partially successful) to repair it.

… clarify your situation

The drive is not the main drive, it is not being booted off of, it is simply a data drive holding documents, and manjaro refuses to start with the directories missing.

It is probably listed in the /etc/fstab file.

You could either plug it back in, boot normally, and edit the file. Or use a live USB to modify the file.


That I don’t understand.

You had a functioning system.
Then you added this drive.
Now the system gets stuck on boot.

That is what I understand the situation is.

But in this scenario, there cannot be any directories missing.
Because they are all … on your other, original drive.

There should not even be any automatic filesystem check happening - unless you, yourself, added the drive to /etc/fstab and assigned it a mount point in your systems directory structure.

The solution would be to remove/comment that edit that you made to /etc/fstab,
then reboot and check the drive … it’s filesystem …

what errors logs have you got ?
what are the missing directories ?
what exactly have you done as command for your data drives holding documents ?

No, I mean the drive was removed, like it is a functioning operating system, it is hosted on another hard drive, and removing this specific hard drive from the pc caused it to not boot up

timed out waiting for /dev/disk/by-uuid/(etc)
dependency failed messages for a few directories
and then it just says its in emergency mode and asks for password for maintenance


That’s very probably it. Had it myself last week.

I found it a little bit frustrating that forgetting to remove the fstab entry had such a massive impact on system boot, but correcting this issue is luckily not really difficult, just annoying.

Perhaps I’m very thick - perhaps some coffee will help.
But as of now
this makes things even more unclear.

so this here is not the situation?

If I don’t understand what you did, because I can’t understand your description of the situation, then I can’t recommend a way to change it.

What was done to which PC? And which one now has problems after you did …what?

Did you try this?

Alright thanks for help, they ended up editing fstab and removing the drive from Fstab and it fixed, i guess the computer had seperation anxiety or something lol, but yeah, its resolved, thanks

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