Stuck on black screen on install

Hi, I have just bought a new amd ryzen pro 5350ge processor and built a pc with it. Now the problem is that when i am trying to install manjaro with any desktop environment it installs itself successfully but when i click on restart now it restarts but i am stuck on a black sreen.

I installed manjaro multiple times out of which first time i used plasma edition in which when i used startx command in the tty(ctrl alt f2 shortuct) terminal it at the very least started my system and i was able to see my kde plasma but i cannot do this every time so i reinstalled manjaro with other desktop environments which did not start even after using startx command.

I asked chatgpt about my issue and it said maybe it was because i was not in video groups so also added my user to video group using usermod.

One other thing may be that i do not have drivers.

I don’t have any idea how to solve this issue.

As of now i have installed ubuntu and it works fine without any configuration but i really want to use manjaro

since startx worked, maybe you need to enable early loading od the video driver …
so post output from:
inxi -zav7
and use formatting for the outputs, click this icon in editor </> and copy the output there;
or use:

your output here