Stuck in Gnome initial setup

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a nice day.
I’m a total noob, and I thought that it would be nice to start with manjaro as my first linux distro. I’ve installed Manjaro on a partition, and when I boot there, it takes me to a gnome initial setup, I completed the form and clicked in start enjoying manjaro or something like that. But when I do that, it just closes that window and leaves me with a blank desktop only with se upper bar, and does nothing. Even when I restarted a few times and so. I don’t know if I should reinstall it or if there is a way to fix it. I’ve installed it with a USB flashed with the ISO image.
Checked the iso and nothing strange was seen.
I can’t open the command line or anything.
When I try to log out, it says that I’m logging out from gnome’s initial setup and then leaves me with a black screen.

Download your iso from OSDN and select the Kernel 5.4 there…install that iso with 5.4 kernel…

And please share your system specs

inxi -Fazy

Normally it logs out and logs you back in with your new created user. What happens if you restart the PC?

I had the same problem. What solved it for me was not using any capital letters when creating username. I reinstalled the system 3-4 times prior to that and nothing else suggested in other forums worked, but just putting a username in all lower case letters seemed to do the trick (that’s right after having chosen the language and keyboard layout).

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amen! yes, that really did the trick! Thanks a lot!