Stuck boot at "Finished TLP system startup/shutdown" new kernel

Good day!

After installing the new kernel 5.8.6-1 (via usual pacman -Syu) I am now stuck during boot at
Finished TLP system startup/shutdown
There appear to be no errors preceding or anything that I can tell is wrong in journalctl.

I am able to boot fine with the previous kernel 5.7.19-2 (and how I am writing this messages)
From checking around, similar post indicate this may has something to do with Nvidia driver.
I am indeed using the proprietary nvidia driver (with noveu uninstalled):

Installed PCI configs:
                      NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE
        video-nvidia-450xx            2019.10.25               false            PCI
    Warning: No installed USB configs!```

Any help pretty please?

Hello and welcome!

I have found the same issue here:

There is no solution yet, but you can try this here:

Maybe it is working for you?

Also this tutorial could be helpful:



One important aspect, is your system a Laptop or a Desktop PC. If the latter, you can remove tlp. Before that you can try this too:

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Thank you very much for the possible solution @megavolt @bogdancovaciu! It gave me some good understanding. It is a Desktop PC.
I ended up re-installing the nvidia video-nvidia-450xx driver in the GUI which let me boot with the latest 5.8.6-1 kernel.

Prior to reinstalling nvidia driver I noticed that my Steam games’ frame rate become really poor. The situation hasn’t changed post the reinstall.
As an experiment, I downloaded the latest ISO of manjaro 20.1 and installed on a separate SSD drive (same system). I then Installed the same nvidia driver followed by Steam,game. The frame rate is back at being good. Something has gone really sideways with my existing Manjaro and the upgrade (20 - 20.1) it seems and I cannot tell what. This warrants a different post i guess?

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