Stuck at "reached target graphical interface"

Hi I am relatively new to the linux community other then my use on the Steam Deck. I am trying to install Manjaro Linux on my older laptop instead of Windows, as I am tired of constant updates stopping my work and even breaking the OS after an update.

I have currently downloaded the x86 Manjaro with KDE Plasma for my laptop to install. I have gotten it to boot from the USB drive, was recommended to select “Propitary Drivers” and started the loading process. It loaded everything “OK” up until it said “reached target graphical interface” and was stuck loading.
I left it for a few hours but did not pass that point. I pressed the shutdown button on my laptop and the interface gave the shutdown screen with no issues and turned off.

Laptop Specs:

17" Screen Dell Vostro 1700

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7100
GPU: nVidia GeForce 8600M GT
SSD: 1TB Samsung EVO Sata SSD

I sure this may have been answered before, but please let me know what you think on what I can do or need more info.

boot into a live-system first and check if that works without problems. if so install from the live-iso.

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I will try that out when I get home in about 3 hours, hopefully everything works ok.

you mean you were not even able to boot into the live usb?
your nvidia card is no longer supported, you need the 340xx drivers for it, so you selecting proprietary makes no difference, you were booting with the open source drivers nouveau anyway, which could be the reason why ended up in a black screen, if you were running the linux515 iso, so download the manjaro with the linux54 from here;
and use Ventoy to flash the iso;
and secure boot needs to be disabled in bios;
fast startup needs to be disabled in windows;
AHCI enabled in bios

Does that mean I can’t use that latest version of the OS due to a bad driver? I think I will have to stick with reinstalling Windows 10, thats what it had in it before the cheap PNY SSD died, but I might just keep only windows 10 in there for now. I had Win 11 as dual boot, but I was not a fan of Windows 11 so far.

yes you can keep the latest version, you will only have to use the 5.4 kernel or the 5.10 … but first, disable the things i mentioned, use ventoy and try booting with the linux54 …

Guess I will try that first then, lets see what happens

you can try it also with the linux515 iso, but first disable secure boot/fast startup, enable AHCI, and use ventoy… if it doesnt work with the 515, then you have to download the linux54 iso …

I actually got it working by just selecting open source drivers. Screen looked much better and ran quicker as well, Seems to work fine so far in live mode ty for your help.