Stuck at login screen after enabling mongodb service

I am using Manjaro KDE and I am stuck at the ssdm login screen after i did the following steps

  1. Enable and Start MongoDB Service:

    Enable and start the MongoDB service to ensure it starts automatically when your laptop boots up:

    sudo systemctl enable mongodb.service
    sudo systemctl start mongodb.service

  2. Configure Shell Startup:

    a. Create a script file as mentioned earlier:

    touch ~/

    b. Open the file in a text editor (e.g., Kate):

    kate ~/

    c. Add the following content to the file:


    Start MongoDB if not already running

    if not pgrep -x “mongod” > /dev/null
    sudo mongod

    Start mongosh


    d. Save and close the file.

    e. Make the script executable:

    chmod +x ~/

  3. Configure Fish Shell Startup:

    a. Open your Fish shell configuration file:

    kate ~/.config/fish/

    b. Add the following line to the end of the file to run the script when you start a terminal session:


    c. Save and close the file.

  4. Reboot and Test:

and then after I rebooted the laptop, it boots fine but then at the ssdm login screen i entered the password the time and the buttons freezes only the mouse cursor moves

Kindly please help