Stuck at Gnome login screen

I recently installed manjaro on a third machine. Everything was fine until yesterday’s big update. Now, when I start the computer, I provide the password and I see the gnome workspace indicator. Wherever I click, it asks for the password again.
I’ve tried all the Fn keys, with or without combining them with Ctrl and Alt: no effect.
Is there a way to enter safe mode and what should I do then?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

well! I realized than one can enter the safe mode by Ctrl/Alt/F2. At that point I have no idea what to search…

This is what is called a TTY - a text only interface.
type your user name and Enter, then type your password and Enter

Then you can try to run the update again - perhaps it was not complete for some reason.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c Germany (to refresh your list of mirrors)
sudo pacman -Syyu (to run the update)
watch the messages and see if it finishes successfully
type reboot afterwards

If that doesn’t solve the issue, you can investigate further - by looking at system logs, for instance
which will perhaps be easier when you boot from USB (how you installed the system)
and use manjaro-chroot from a more convenient and familiar graphical interface.

At the end of update it says “nothing to do!” and after reboot there is no change.

Are you using Wayland or xorg and any difference if you switch ? I’m new to gnome myself but had an issue the other week with a theme stopping me booting to the desktop and had to switch sessions to get to the desktop

I don’t know what you mean with Wayland and xorg. I simply installed manjaro gnome desktop.

When you are on the login screen there’s an icon normally bottom right if you click it you have options gnome,gnome Wayland, gnome x11 etc. I’d try and see if you can switch sessions fist , but there’s a lot more knowledgeable people on here than me

By default, GNOME will run on Wayland, but Wayland is known to cause problems with the proprietary Nvidia drivers, so if you are on Nvidia and you are using Nvidia’s own closed-source drivers, then it is best to choose X11/XOrg at login time.

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Thank you both. Actually, I never noticed the presence of this button at the bottom right corner at login. I tested right now the xorg version. It is an improvement in the sense that I can launch the applications from the dock. Otherwise, the display is still on the gnome workspace indicator and when I click I see only my desk top picture. Therefore, the issue is not solved.