stuck at first boot

I just downloaded Manjaro-ARM Raspberry PI 3 LXQT, and flashed it to high speed SD card.
the boot stuck at line:

[ . 18.898957] fb0: switching to vc4drmfb from simple

That usually happens when it can't detect the display correctly.

How is your monitor connected to the Pi?
DVI -> HDMI (adapter/cable)
VGA -> HDMI (adapter/cable)

It is connect HDMI -> HDMI

Is it a standard HDMI cable?
It does not have any EthernetOverHDMI or anything like that?

It is standard, with the same setup I was able to run RPi Rasbian, the only thing changed is flashing the SD card with manjaro arm.

I just flashed another SD card with Manjaro ARM minimal, and it started normally, I'll try flashing the LXQT to the same flash and check

Possible vc4 driver issue?
Suggest: blacklisting the vc4 driver

Mmm, so what shall I do?

How To blacklist:

Option 1
Create a '.conf' file inside '/etc/modprobe.d/'


# Do not load the 'vc4' driver on boot
blacklist proper name of driver
blacklist associated drivers if required

This assumes I'm already in, i.e. logged in, correct? can I do so at the img itself?

same result, at both sd cards :frowning:

My apologies, your working from an ISO image via SD Card.

You could "enable uart" via Serial Console and DVI monitor, or HDMI-input TV;
Not HDMI-to-DVI cable.

Also, this bug was fixed in Kernel 4.18.11-200.fc28.aarch64

You should still be able to switch to another TTY (with CTRL+ALT+F2) to do this. The VC4 is the video card driver, which do not yet exist on the aarch64 platform.
So the rpi3 has the fbturbo driver installed instead.

Booting the rpi3 has always worked on my end, but maybe I was just lucky in my tests.

mmm, after many trials, it worked, but did not show the desktop, and keep logging out to to the boot screen with the same error, then I've to keep using CTRL+ALT+F2. I think the image is not ready yet so will be back to Ubuntu till this issue is resolved.

I had the same problem as h_ajsf, and eventually traced the problem to low voltage at the supply point to my RPi. Presumably the internal supply voltage monitor would notice low supply voltage and pop up a warning message, which caused fb0 to revert to the display the boot messages up to the point where it switches from simple to vc4. These voltage messages would pop up from random time to time. Changing to a different plug in power unit fixed the problem. (I had previously powered my pi via a usb hub, so presumably just enough voltage drop to give the system monitor some anxiety.

Do a CTRL+ALT+F2 again and enter the commands below and hit the enter key after each line.

echo blacklist vc4 > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-vc4.conf
sudo reboot

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