Stuck at "Cloning cemu build files..."

For weeks now I’ve not been able to update my Cemu-version.

All I get is:

Synchronizing package databases...
Cloning cemu build files...

I’ve cleared my cache with:

sudo paccache --remove --keep=0 --verbose 

But that doesn’t seem to help.

All other packages work if I block cemu from updating.

Removing the package all together and trying to install it results in the same issue.

How long to do you wait? Cloning git repositories, as this PKGBUILD does, can some time in some projects.

about 35 hours the longest

So you use pamac… why not use pamac to clean?

pamac clean --build-files
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I don’t use pamac through the CLI, I use the Add/Remove Software application.
That text is just what the output is in the window.

But I found how to clean the Build files through the Advanced-menu and now it’s building.


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