Struggling to rebind caps lock in Gnome

I’m new to linux and at this point tried for hours to remap my capslock key to backspace I can’t figure it out. There are tons of different programs to do the same thing and access the same things in different ways. I can bind it but I don’t know how to make it persistent after rebooting. Is the best way to do this the .xinitrc file? if so how do I get whatever I use (xmodmap, setxkbmap, etc) to be called in the file? there’s a ton of stuff in the .xinitrc file by default where in that do I put it?

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There is a option in the tweaks tool to set it up in gnome.
Keyboard & mouseAdditional Layout options

  • Make Caps Lock an additional Backspace

(I’m not surprised that searching for this does not yield any good results, the tweaks tool does not have any documentation that I could find quickly and the options is hidden somewhat far away.)

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