Streaming server and remote downloader


How do I setup manjaro for this? I want to stream my audio and video and be able to download torrents remotely from qbittorrent app. I want to control this from an Android smart phone.


This is a bit vague. It is often enough to have a Webserver or a Samba share for that. But it depends on what software you want to use to receive this stream.

I don’t use qbittorrent, but just start it and enable the Web Ui in the settings should be enough.


This are 2 separate topics, open another topic for qbittorrent

To which kind of device?

Inside or outside your home?


I want to be able to stream or download from anywhere. Should I use own cloud?


I guess Plex and Emby to be the easier solution but beware of various premium features, licesing and pricing.

For Owncloud, Nextcloud and you have to setup a webserver and database

For only music Ampache, Sonerezh and Koel require a webserver and database

For only music with almost no configuration Cherrymusic or mstream-express (which I’m going to package for the AUR)

A more complete list here:


Besides the software you use, you need a way to reach your system from the internet, if you mean really “anywhere”. In your home network streaming is easy. But depending on your Home Network and Internet Provider you may need to configure your router and you need to think about access control.


how do I create ownloud server?


You need a Webserver with PHP and a Database. This is often called LAMP, but the Apache Webserver isn’t that popular any more. Also now is normally MariaDB used instead of MySQL.


There are instructions in the Archwiki for Nextcloud

but maybe using the preconfigured official snap package is more suitable for you


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