Strawberry bug with libsoup3

Libsoup3 is experimental and it’s used by default for gstreamer( thus in manjaro too). It is apparently making strawberry to have bugs like the github ones that I referenced on the down. I have removed libsoup3 using pacman -Rdd command and strawberry didn’t have the bug I mentioned.
Libsoup3 is installed by default for gst-plugins-good and removing it breaks dependencies with gst-plugins-good that at the same time is require by strawberry. So pls, patch gstreamer to use libsoup v2 that is more mature for the moment or put libsoup3 like an optional dependency only and telling that it is experimental yet.


More info: slow or unstable connection causes strabwerry to be in eternally loading 0 percent · Issue #1016 · strawberrymusicplayer/strawberry · GitHub

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Upstream projects are moving to Libsoup 3 now. Either a project uses version 2 or 3. This is an upstream issue, not a packaging issue.

In fact, it’s reported already.
I hope it can be fixed soon upstream to see it here in manjaro.
Let’s see what they do

Apart from it. It has to be a possible workaround until having it fixed without having to use pacman -Rdd and break the system xD … right?
May be an environment variable idk…
Actually the projects that uses gst uses the lubsoup used by them so … I don’t see the problem to remove the obligatory dependency of libsoup3
May be a dependency that can be supplied with both of them, or may be remove the gst-plugins-good dependency from strawberry and split them.
I find the Rdd option a little bit dirty, don’t you think?

forcing Http1 on libsoup3 with a environment variable fixes the problem until it gets fixed upstream

Debugged done on HTTP2 downloading sometimes gets stuck over bad connections while HTTP1.1 works fine (#296) · Issues · GNOME / libsoup · GitLab if you are interest on that SOUP_FORCE_HTTP1=1 is the fix

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