Strange problems with desktop theme

I am having some strange problems with desktop theme being weird, Example:

Manjaro Settings Manager window is now white (was black) so i cannot see anything.

KMyMoney default white has now some black panels in places which again cannot see anything as the icon/text are in black.

Audacity also has a mixed white/black now, was all white before.

ckb-next also has black when it used to be white, so again cannot see the text.

I am using default Gnome theme in dark mode, with Legacy Apps theme set to Adwaita Dark, everything was normal before this update.

UPDATE: Fixed the issue by downgrading “qgnomeplatform-qt5” from 0.9.0-2 back to 0.8.4-4,
All is working normal again and no weird black/white mixed theme.

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I can’t reproduce it on three machines running GNOME, so it’s something on your end.

DISCLAIMER: Downgrading packages should only ever be temporary workaround, never a solution. Doing so is not supported and will cause issues down the road.

As it seems Arch has already updated to 0.9.0-3, i will wait for Manjaro to catch up and then try that version, FS-Uae launcher was the worst, everything was white so had to find a solution and this worked.

That was only a Qt 6.4 rebuild, that should make no difference.

Yes, I’m aware of the link to the Arch package.

I found this topic and tried everything/ever link, nothing worked until i downgraded back to the file still in my cache from before updating today, I am not using Wayland as I’m on Nvidia if that matters.

What does your /etc/environment look like?

cat /etc/environment

And if it exists:

cat ~/.profile
cat /etc/environment






cat ~/.profile

.profile: No such file or directory

<# = Hash, for some reason if i just copy and paste the text all hashes don’t show up and makes the text big and bold.

Also have tried hashing out QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=“kvantum” and un-hashing QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=“gnome” and also changed “gnome” to “gtk3”, Still the same problem with themes.

A reboot is required for changes to take effect. Neither value should be set while using QGnomePlatform.

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Thanks for fixing the post and the link.

And yes i did reboot after every change i made, it was a long and boring process, but still the only fix seems to be downgrading qgnomeplatform-qt5, I also see timeshift is broken and needs a downgraded lib.

Hashing out QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=“kvantum”, QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=“gnome” and QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1 and updating qgnomeplatform-qt5 is kind of working, KMyMoney is still a bit weird but text is readable, Manjaro Settings Manager is now all black with readable white text so that’s fixed but FS-Uae Launcher is still broken (as pictured), i don’t understand why downgrading qgnomeplatform-qt5 fixes all theme problems?

Is there anything leftover from a user theme in your ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ and/or ~/.config/gtk-4.0/?

gtk-3.0 has 3 files, Bookmarks, gtk.css, settings.ini, Bookmarks seems to be for file manager, gtk.css is empty (zero bytes) and settings.ini has 1 line “gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme=0”

gtk-4.0 has 2 files, gtk.css again empty (zero bytes) and settings.ini with the same “gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme=0”.

I think i’ve fixed FS-Uae Launcher, was a setting for FS launcher theme which was set to Fusion (Auto), which should choose between Light or Dark but for some reason fails to detect the right setting, so i changed the theme to Fusion-Dark and now it’s usable, picking any white/light theme in fs launcher settings will end up with the same problem as pictured above, still very confused as to why the older qgnomeplatform-qt5 works without problems but updated qgnomeplatform-qt5 is causing these problems, i hope the next update to qgnomeplatform-qt5 fixes these issues.

I still have to test more Apps but so far it’s kind of fixed.

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