Strange pre- and post-login Bluetooth behavior with keyboard and mouse

I hesitated to post because nothing is broken per se but can’t explain a strange behavior.
Fresh install of Manjaro KDE with login enabled. My bluetooth keyboard and mouse are working prior to login and once I am logged in, I have to enable bluetooth for it to work again.
I removed the need to login ‘login automatically’. Bluetooth now work without me having to enable it once in the OS.
I don’t mind not having to login as no one else than me has access to this laptop. If I have the need to enable login again, is there a way for me to NOT have to enable bluetooth once I am logged in ? (hope that makes sense)… :laughing:

PS: I have no error and everything is working as one would expect I guess. Never had that when I was running Windows; so looking for some explanation if there is one to give…

I have done some digging and it seems that the issue is related to a setting I have in the BIOS. I have a kill switch on the XPS 13 that allows me to stop all radio. If I deactivate that switch in the BIOS I get the symptoms describe in my first post. If I activate the kill switch in the BIOS, I loose bluetooth connection once a day at least. I need to reboot the machine to get it back. Running systemctl restart bluetooth will not work.
Any ideas ?