Strange language setting issue since Last Update (09.02.2021)

Running manjaro Gnome and after yesterday’s Update in the evening, I found today that I was greeted with a Windows asking If my Personal folders should be translated (I am running German Installation and it wanted to switch everything to English), I disregarded this but then quickly realized everything is now mixed language (See Screenshots) some menu entries still appear in German (correct) but others switched to English.

When opening the Region and Language settings, the selection shows up all empty.

Any ideas how this can be fixes?
Any additional information you would Like to See?

Thanks and best regards

2nd this.
I use german keyboard layout and date settings, but en.US UTF8 language.
Can not start Terminal (had to install another one via gui installer) or change language in anything.

I read in other thread looking for the “Terminal won’t open issue” (which I have, too) and found to edit the /etc/locale.gen file
but this file is not there for me - I only have /etc/locale.conf


what now?

Does this help you?

sudo gedit /etc/locale.gen
uncomment en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
Run: sudo locale-gen

I temporaily installed pantheon-terminal to solve this.

actual running the sudo command in new terminal did it, though I do not udnerstand why I did not see the file locale.gen with file browser, but nevertheless - issue fixed - thanks a lot!

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