Strange impossible Badge unlock

I looked through the Badges and saw that one user already unlocked the Devotee - badge for 365 days of consecutive visits:

Given that the Forum is only existing for a few days and the accounts exists for only 2 days, how can that happen?

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Probably had their account trust level bumped manually… as you can also only get the ‘Regular’ badge after 100 days… but getting the devotte badge seems like a glitch (in the system). :wink:

Hey, Alex

I think @Chrysostomus started last night to identify old forum users that had a great aport in the past forum, and i know you are in the same position, so i will call out to get the same good treatment :slight_smile:

Mods can award badges. I just dont see it in the logs, which is funny.


Ah, you are correct. Well, then is settled. But i only recall a couple of names, maybe we should make a list of people that had and earned a higher TL status to be all re-instituted ?


Hm. On second look, it seems I can only award the “I know everything” badge.
So the ‘devotee’ award is still weird.

For some reason, other badges can only be awarded as bulk action by uploading a csv file.

Oh. huh. well… the more you know :star2:

well, if it was an “admin-unlock” everything is ok.
I just had some worries that he found an “unsanitized” field somewhere in the forum to get sql statements into the system (worries triggered by the perl - code in his profile)


I’ll be honest here, i didn’t liked the I know everything nor the I don't know everything ... ? badge/s
For me, Trustee is a better word that should come after Devotee because there could be devoted forum members, but not always got things right about an issue (just an example, nothing derogatory). But both should have the TL3 status tho, and i think would be fair to those forum members to have them by default in this new forum. Is just a personal opinion.


Yeah, I unlocked it because he had it twice on the previous forum, and was pretty disappointed that everything was reset back to zero.

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What will be the criteria to decide which USER will be ported from the old forum and who will not?
I have been a member for several years now and I have worked hard for my earned badge. I would like to have my old badge this in the new forum too!

For the same question i wanted to discuss about it too, but i don’t have a definitive answer. Is not quite fair to have just a few and not all that deserve it, because that means particular favoritism in my book, and i don’t agree with it.


i also thinkt that either “all” higher badges should be ported over if it is doable in a somewhat automated manner or none at all.
The only other “fair” option i see is to do it on request, but that would probably lead to a lot of work for the admins/mods.

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Yep don’t want to blow on fire but do not start to do special treatments to people, we’re all in the same boat here and I too lost my badges.

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