STRANGE Firefox behavior - window changes on click, sometimes

New Manjaro user, did not have problems w/ Debian Bullseye & similar config, so seems to be Manjaro related?

If it matters, Intel I-7 system w/ Nvidia 92 graphics card, current stable install, running KDE, I believe the open (Nouveau) drivers, and I think X11.

I am using the F-fox that was installed by default, but have added a number of add-ons, mostly privacy related. (all of which I’ve been using for years on other distros w/o problems)

When I left or right click on much of the menu bar, the window I’m in goes to the back, instead of doing what is expected, or sometimes a right click gives me a menu that is what I’d expect from the title bar. I don’t seem to be able to get any of the menu bar menus (File, Edit, etc.) to open or any of the addon icons that are on it.

I’ve been through the KDE settings manager multiple times, as well as the F-Fox settings, and can’t find anything that seems like it would cause this. Can anyone help?

This is really