Strange artifacting. Only seen in Blender so far, though

I’m not sure if this is an issue with the system graphics or with Blender itself. It started with the previous stable release and associated Blender version. It remains with the latest update. I get some weird artifacting in the VSE sequencer panel. I haven’t seen it anywhere else, like the 2D timeline panel or the like. It changes when I resize the panel.

It doesn’t make Blender unusable or anything like that, but it’s rather an annoyance.

Video of exactly what’s happening: Blender Artifacting - YouTube

I have seen glitches in blender under wayland session, and some other weird things, but not so under x11 session.

I see artifacts on Manjaro GNOME (wayland) daily. On firefox and I think outside firefox too. Here a picture I was finally managed to make.

They are hard to see on the screenshot (look in the text of the bottom post), but in real they are more intrusive and distracting.

Edit: The device is Asus ZenBook Flip UX363J, video card Iris Plus Graphics G4 (Ice Lake)