Stop using Geolocation i.c.w. the installer

New to Manjaro and already slightly annoyed when installing it. My IP address doesn’t give any information about who I am, where I am or what language my preference is. So encountering an installation screen in Chinese is understandable because of my geo-location, but not relevant to my situation at all. Give the person installing a choice up front, don’t assume anything about that person. English is still the lingua-franca of the world, so please start with that. Thank you.

Isn’t it already the case? Pretty sure it is.

PS: why do you use acronyms even google doesn’t know? please correct your title with words people can understand.



I assume you are referring to the “Locale” screen in the Calamares installer.

If you start it without internet access you will have America/New York selected by default.

The reason why it uses geolocation (based on location of your IP address) when you are connected to the internet, is because the vast majority of people will select the Locale that’s associated with their location anyway. So it’s just a way to save a couple of clicks for the user.


Americanses does that, Preciousss. They invents new acronymses all the time!


I think his “i.c.w.” means “in combination with”. :man_shrugging: