Stop switching workspace when opening same app from different workspace

I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma.

I was working in `workspace 1` . I opened `system settings` app from taskbar shortcut.

Now I switched to workspace 2.
And tried to open system settings by clicking its icon in taskbar.
Instead of opening new window of system settings in same workspace, it just switched workspace to workspace 1, and opens existing system settings window.

I want it to be open as new instance in current workspace.
And could not find any settings under
system settings > workspace behavior
system settings > window management
for desired behavior.

I hope there will be some way to achieve this…

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Yes, but I don’t think you can with System Settings… that would work with Dolphin though.

If I want it on THIS desktop, then I gesture for expose and drag it across…

Huh… Must be an update. Doesn’t work any more on my system neither…

(I verified before posting the previous message, deleted now)


Other apps work fine in current workspace, but some apps can not be open as second instance. For example system settings app is always only one instance. Useless, you can not open new instance.

Chromium has some weird behavior.
When I move to new workspace and open chromium, it will open with latest profile.
But when I choose different profile, if that profile is open in other workspace then it switches to that workspace :astonished:.