Stop icon is always on after logging in


Recently, something is wrong with my laptop(Lenovo ideapad 3-15ITL6).
The problem is that sometimes text input area keeps printing “+” for a while or I can’t enter any character when a stop sign is displayed on the screen.
I think it might be a hardware issue but I also want to seek for a software work around.

Then, I try to boot my laptop using usb stick(manjaro-gnome-21.2.6-minimal-220416-linux515.iso). It seems that text input area will not keep printing “+” but the stop sign is always on after login GNOME desktop.

Any idea about how to make the stop sign disappear after login GNOME desktop?

After remotely checked by Lenovo engineer via windows remote desktop, he confirmed that this a hardware issue. My laptop works normally again after repaired.

marked it as solved.

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