STLWRT : a gtk2-3 toolkit fork for traditional desktop users

GTK4 are out, and soon or later, me and many users will be forced to have 3 different versions of the same toolkit for running all the applications that they would like to use.

I 've never adapt myself to GTK3, heavier than GTK2, with lot of functions that I don’t need (like CSD).
I really miss the gtk2

So, I read about this gtk2/3 toolkik fork ,called STLWRT

I agree with all the points reported in this post below:

It really seems what I need. It looks a very promising projects for all classic style DE lovers.

I’d like to try it, and maybe other users likes to do that.

So, I’d like to see it in on our repos, maybe marked as “experimental & for expert users”

P.S. : I can’t find the “General discussions” category, that was present in the old forum, so I post this here, because I would like to have this feature in Manjaro, for test this toolkit.

At least for this part, there is: AUR (en) - gtk3-classic

Which works better than the other one called, IIRC, no-csd, because gtk3-classic fully replace gtk3 with csd (which I also dislike)

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once gtk3-classic was on our official repos.

I dislike to install AUR stuff for replacing important libraries, needed fo the system’s stability.

The big problem, in my opinion, will be when GTK4 will become commonly used: I will be forced to have 3 versions of the same toolkit , GTK2, GTK3 and GTK4, and I dislike the last two of them.

Yeah, I remember.
Someone has a reason why has been dropped to AUR?

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Dunno, bro :disappointed_relieved:

Has been reintroduced in the repos; currenty I see that is in Unstable:

And also the new libxfce4ui-nocsd:

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Great news! :smile:

I’m waiting for it in stable!

Thank you my friend!

Now is in the Testing branch; so is near to Stable branch :slight_smile:

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