Still xfce4 performance issues in RPI4 with Manjaro 20.10

My last test some month ago was that there were performance issues on raspberry pi 4 4GB and the manjaro xfce edition (20.8/9) like laggy mouse, etc.

Does anybody know if this issue still exists?

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Have you tried turning off the Compositing in XFCE?

No, I have not investigated regarding this issue. Is compositing active by default?

Pretty sure it is.

I do not have any issues with xfce but I never did have any issues.

Especially on rpi4 b?

pi4 4G and 8G.

Ok thanks. I will retry it.

I have read in another post that it may have something to do with a USB mouse setting. Usbhid.mousepoll value by default is set too high. Check it out here:

I was not able to test this as I had given up at that point and flashed KDE. I over clocked my device and it seems to work well without changing any other config. Another bug I noticed though is a line at bottom of screen on xfce. I can’t seem to get rid of it. This happens to be on pinebook pro.

Because of that thread you linked I did some research and saw that the default linux settings does not behave right getting info from some mouse to set it up. Because of that I manually set the usbhid.mousepoll=8 in /boot/cmdline.txt. Also in that thread it says to set the value high if the mouse is still laggy; some have set the value to 12.

Bottom line is the usbhid.mousepoll=8 in /boot/cmdline.txt is now in all kernel installs regardless of which DE you have installed. Since most people do not have this issue I am thinking it could boil down to what brand of mouse is being used and xfce is for some reason is not getting the right values.

With the latest updates for (12/20) Manjaro on my RPI4, now I have no wifi. Shows connections on 5G and 2.4G, but no connection. Worked perfectly the day before. My wifi connections are still working fine on Raspbian OS and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, but Manjaro is dead in the water.

you need update Pi firmware 1218 form unstable.


raspberrypi-bootloader 20201222-1
raspberrypi-bootloader-x 20201222-1