Still using Manjaro!

Hey I’m still using Manjaro since November last year, and I haven’t had any problems using it. I’ve made it practically home and still use it on a daily basis. This truly has been the most stable Linux Flavor I have came across so far.

I am not a super expert linux user, but I do know a lot about it, and it pays to be good at understanding the kernel and the OS, and really becoming a powerful terminal user. Again, I think it’s great that the OS is advertised as not for beginners, and I kind of like that a lot of those drivers stuff and other things we have to do for other OS’s is mostly just handled right out of the box.

What I love most though is that I don’t have to worry much about where my packages are sourced from and just let the Manjaro team handle most of the ones I use. That’s pretty awesome and it’s built on top of Arch makes it super cool.

But yeah this is definitely my distro of choice and just wanted to share some love!