Still no HDMI Output on Rock 64 or Rock 3A

After trying the Manjaro 22.06 versions using various desktops that broke the HDMI output when updates were installed, I had high hopes when I discovered the latest iteration 23.02. Unfortunately it broke the HDMI just like it’s predisessor. I made comments on the forum about it, to no avail. I didn’t write a bug report on Git, I don’t know how nor do I have time to learn at this time. Still hoping that some day there will be a working OS for the Pine Rock64 and Radxa Rock 3A

I’ve used the 23.02 version for the Rock 3A without issue.

What monitor have you tried attaching it too?

It should work fine on any standard 1080p monitor.

there is this commit for 4K

commit fcc6266d0da40a6931d846f7df03add0a04e30a7
Author: Dom Cobley <>
Date:   Fri Jan 27 15:55:58 2023 +0100

    drm/vc4: crtc: Increase setup cost in core clock calculation to handle extreme reduced blanking

But that’s for vc4, which is only used on Raspberry Pi.