Still my primary home

With all of the “goings-on” in he community…
Is this still your first stop in case of?
To me it is.
I have a long-time connection with other fora, but since I use manjaro, in case of [fill out the blank], I come here…
Just seeing who is still connected :wink:
:rose: Melissa :rose:

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This forum has been the first page I open in my webbrowser everytime my PC’s boot. And still is. :slight_smile:


Yeah, we try to keep it friendly and welcome for everyone, and for me, this “new paint” of the forum looks even better than before. No plans to look for another place :slight_smile:

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Well, the new paint did paint over the non-tech section (the silly farm, so to speak) and that is a loss in my book…

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Well, the reason behind that was to not get flooded by something else before we have a good place to provide technical advice/assistance. Will see what will happen in time.

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Is not lost just moved place, have a look in members only section.
did you notice how we can now find anything easy in the forum.

Me and the others do not have the time or want to get home and have to moderate countless off topic posts that have nothing to do with what we do here.

If i search for issues with my home partition i also now get this topic in search results and that is also why off topic is not desired anymore.

Once the volume of posts reaches a similar number … I think you will be disabused of this assumed correlation (at least to the degree it seems held here) :wink:

Discourse search isnt all that great. And has poor defaults.
(and is it just me or is code text not searchable?)
But thats all for another thread …

Nothing is perfect.

…nope…that’s true…it’s life… :wink:

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