Still majaro colors despite different theme

Hi together,

I am using Manjaro KDE 21.01 (freshly installed a week ago).
Since I like KDE’s own look better than Manjaro’s, I swapped the theme “Breath2” for “Breeze Twilight”. I also made the following settings:
(I hope the translation from German is correct)
Global design - Breeze Twilight
Application style - Breeze
Plasma style - Breeze Dark
Colors - Breeze-Light
Window decoration - Breeze
Symbols - Breeze

Despite these adjustments, the typical emerald green Manjaro colors still appear in various programs.
e.g. in Firfox, Thunderbird, Kate, Pamac, Avahi SSH-Server-Browser, Avahi VNC-Server-Browser.
what can I do to have a consistent design in all programs?

You will need to change the GTK theme as well.


Excellent! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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