Steamy September (2017) Screenshots



Looks good! What web browser is that?


good question:

Its qupzilla and falkon :stuck_out_tongue:


set i3status on i3 after long !


Thinking of changing for deepin from cinnamon myself. I really like the new features deepin has to offer. :slight_smile:
I am going to reinstall my whole system. Time to consider. :wink:


wallpaper please


Switched from Deepin to Gnome 3.24 - Now my daily driver.


You might need to adjust manually your /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme, respecttively ~/.icons/default/index.theme :wink:


Light version as in shot
Dark Version


my sway shot on the last day of Sep 2017 …
i could achieve bar transparency on sway but fails on i3 [only notification icons bg is transparent, i3status OR isblocks bg is still opaque… any workaround ? tried with compton as well as xcompmgr as compositor]


ty mate :wink:


my pleasure ! you are welcome :slight_smile:



It’s already october…


which desktop environment is this?



Dash to panel and Arc Menu extensions.

La Capitaine icons, Adapta GTK theme.


I LOVE that wallpaper with the logo.

Going to be my default for a while.



finally transparency on i3bar achieved in my most used and fav wm… i3.


Love this wallpaper kouros17! I’m particularly pleased how good it looks in night light mode as well as standard. A video game sunset :smiley:


How did you got the time in the right corner?


That’s what Dash to panel does.